What if there was a nuke that could destroy the whole entire map before server change, such as the Nuke from the ending of Nuketown in Black Ops? We tried that in Gmod today and ending up making a short new game type for the server. Everyone becomes a single color and Heavys with increased gravity, then someone randomly becomes a different colored Scout with lowered gravity. There is a nuke in the middle of the map, and if the team doesn’t kill the one Scout, then they lose and the nuke blows up. But, the Heavys have decreased speed while the Scout has increased. The Heavys can’t move when they fire, and we custom made tunnels that go underneath the map (with speed boosters so the Scout can’t camp there), so the Scout can come and go, popping up out of places and such. BTW, no matter what team wins, the Nuke destroys….well….everything 😀

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