Restarting the Bloodshed

Restarting the Bloodshed

Wonder where I’ve been? I bet you have. TF2 has been updated a ton, I mean lots of community items, but not as many weps. I myself haven’t been playing that much, therefore, not really any screenshots that I could put up. So, here is a cat

Stomping Snipers

No team needs 4 snipers. STAR here knows how to deal with them.

Wankas #18

New wallpaper for sure. Forever.



TF2’s physics with underwater bullets is that they do not slow down after a distance of time. This is scientifically impossible. Engineer should look into that. Or just make people swim on land. That might be better.



Shout-out to Harpoon Gaming, you were the first random trading server I went to.



Steam Workshop In A Nutshell

The question is not what, but why.


21 Days Later

Wow, it’s already been 21 days since I last posted. Due to some internet beliefs, when someone does not post new videos or posts in a certain amount of time, they officially become dead. Not like “die in your sleep” dead, but like “Apoco-Fists painfully dismembered” dead. Someone asked me if I got kidnapped to Argentina.

Ignoring the fact that I’m supposed to be dead, today was a good day for TF2. Lots of stuff is happening around the server that I own, some much worse than others. But it’s been a good year so far. And if I’m happy, the characters are happy.

2012-12-25_00003 2012-12-25_00004 2013-01-25_00002



(Updated from a terrorist bunker in Argentina)


Just when you thought the internet was beginning to get boring…

Wankas #17

This wallpaper is actually a screenshot with Photoshop 😀



Uhhhmhkjsdhfuehaw well since someone decided to reveal my hiding place, yes, Wyoming is where I live. It’s snowing a lot, and so I have a lot of time just playing TF2 and making SFM videos. I have no idea why Hunter said that, whatevs. Anyway, I’m majorly hung over right now, eggnog does some pretty horrible stuff to you. Just drinking away my life’s problems, since we have to wait another 2 weeks for TF2 Christmas. Here is something to celebrate the holidays: