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The Big City Part 2

Big City is awesome. I think it would take around 3 months to make it. The detail is awesome.

So, being awesome, I decided to go to the highest part of Big City and jump off. Fun idea, right? RIGHT! Only being a Scout can you jump an infinite amount of times, so I decided to jump from a pole on top of the highest skyscraper of the map. I did die, but it was worth it.

And yes, I am tiny and a girl.

The Big City Part 1

Yeah, yet another map. This one is called Big City. I first started as a soldier, but when I became a robot (and tiny), I ended up having an infinite hat. It seemed to be due to the certain hat I had on, the War Pig. It was quite an interesting glitch.



I Must Go, My People Need Me

I don’t normally upload screenshots, but when I do, it’s a flying dead Heavy with a Mexican Hat and a sausage for a mustache.





So, someone on Facebook posted a post of a cake that “they just made”. Looking up on Google Images (Happy Birthday BTW Google), I saw the exact same photo, THE FIRST PHOTO, copied from Image Shack ™.

This form of Copying is really funny. Don’t copy other people’s stuff, otherwise you will get made fun of. Por Examplije, I just took this awesome screenshot (first screenshot on Google images) on Sawmill (wrong map) being a Heavy (wrong class).



The Teleporter of Your Doom

So what happens when there is a trap on a map? In Trade_Wicked, there is a place that says free hats, but when you go into it the door closes behind you and the ceiling starts to go down on your head until you die. Well, I managed to put my exit to my teleporter there, so whenever someone used my Next-To-Spawn teleporter, they would end up being trapped and die. I love my job.

Wankas #16

Meh heheheheheheh. <- that right there is something you automatically say in the soldier’s voice in your head.


YEEEAAAAAA 100 FOLLOWERS!! Yes, I did refresh my blog for 2 hours before that ONE PERSON decided to join my cause of completely exploding TF2. Of course, I would like to thank all of you for liking and commenting on my posts, letting me know that not everyone else got eaten by zombies. I will now start “Operation More Explode”, in which my brothers and I will go onto multiple servers and crash them at the same time from explosions. Prepare to die!!! (which basically means thanks)

Haxing Uberly

You know what really pisses people off? When they go on a TF2 blog and see Counter-Strike screenshots. I mean, who is stupid enough to do that? Freaking idiots.

Anyway, this guy was playing dubstep while hacking and I actually thought it was pretty cool. He had speed hacks and instant headshots with the upside down….ness.




Miguel The Sniper

Need a new taunt? Why not Miguel?