This blog in a nutshell

School is busy for me. And my friend. Yes, there is two of us. This is coming from the one in California (other is in Wyoming). We are not shutting down the blog or anything, I know we said that we would post every day instead of Sunday, but a lot of things have been going on. As a result, post will be less frequent (as you have already noticed).

In other words, I found the poster that started it all!! Be a mann!


Oo. Space. Oo. Space. Space. Need to see it all.

A Spicy Review On Halloween

What can I say? Those massive parties really knocked the Sandman out of me. Quite a hangover. Besides the all-night parties at my college dorm, TF2 Halloween has been….uh….meh, really.

There are 2 new achievements and they are both really easy to get, kill Merasmus and retrieve loot from the island. The souls were a nice touch, turning you into a zombie, and they were pretty easy to get and made a lot of players happy. But, I felt that the Halloween update was just to small compared to Monoculous and the Bombicon Halloweens. The best part I liked about Halloween was the Wheel that turned every time the King of the Hill Capture Point changed possession. It’s always fun to battle your friends with either a small or large head 😀

P.S. I think that Valve is saving their efforts for Christmas!!!! EVERYONE GET PSYCHED!!!!



Video Game Music #7

I’m back from the dead! Here is the theme song from the intro of Borderlands 2, I would actually be surprised if you guys haven’t already heard this.

The 24 Carats

In the newest MvM update, they made new maps to dominate, and included new loot! The new loot for the new hardest mission, Operation Gear Grinder, is a 24 carat botkiller! I’m going to try to get it, so stay tuned!

Look at What I Created!

I tried to do a SFM video. I flipped a table. So instead, here is a short for my bulletin that goes on this week. Enjoy!

Remembering Shwiggan

I went on Youtube today to see what awesome SFM videos people posted, and saw this. Apparently Shwiggan, SFM extraordinaire and creator of Steve and the Time Traveling Engie, is resigning from his line of duty as supplier of TF2 videos. I have always been a fan of Shwiggan, and his shorts were amazing (at least to me). Until next time, my friend.

The Servers Are Awesome

Admins really upped their powers in trading servers. From becoming an invincible 360 head-turning robot heavy to floating green-fire arrows, the right admins know what they are doing.




And now they can turn into big things. Because who doesn’t want to be a sandvitch?


The Servers Are Scary

Servers are nice and fun, or mean and cruel. There could be nice people that want to use teamwork, or people that just want to blow stuff up. I joined a different server, a scary server. I entered……. The Trading Server (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN).

Yeah, admins. They scared the crap out of me by spawing 10 monoculous’ right in front of my face and appearing at random times as a giant Scout. Not that fun after a while, but still worth a good laugh.


The Blue Grenade Thingy Of Death

Jeez it’s only 9? I guess winter is upon us. Well, there was this blue demo grenade that kept on following me and I was scared so I ran but it came after me. And the whole entire time I was running it followed me. It didn’t explode for some mystical reason, so I guess you could call it a unsophisticated blue Robro 3000. Or a pet.