What can I say? Those massive parties really knocked the Sandman out of me. Quite a hangover. Besides the all-night parties at my college dorm, TF2 Halloween has been….uh….meh, really.

There are 2 new achievements and they are both really easy to get, kill Merasmus and retrieve loot from the island. The souls were a nice touch, turning you into a zombie, and they were pretty easy to get and made a lot of players happy. But, I felt that the Halloween update was just to small compared to Monoculous and the Bombicon Halloweens. The best part I liked about Halloween was the Wheel that turned every time the King of the Hill Capture Point changed possession. It’s always fun to battle your friends with either a small or large head 😀

P.S. I think that Valve is saving their efforts for Christmas!!!! EVERYONE GET PSYCHED!!!!



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