So today is the first day of school, but it got canceled because of the marvelous thing called Snow (I’m doing some school in Colorado), so I got to relax with some of my roommates for a marvelous 8 hours, including a hot tub break and a salad. Anyway, someone on my server today said that they are offended by the blood and gore in TF2. Now, that is completely stupid. If you watch the trailers for TF2, the “meet the…” complication, you see:

1. Blood

2. Gore

3.Pornography with Scout’s mother

4. Bleeped out cussing

5. Stabbing

6. Stupidity

7. and Bullets.

Why would you play the game if you already watched those? Might as well go play Spiral Knights.

Taking away the “disgusting” part of the game is like taking candy from a baby. It’s easy, but ridiculous and nobody would do it.


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